Erickorp Science Centre - 9936 67th Ave. Edmonton, AB

Located just off of 99th Street. Erickorp Science Centre consists of three separate buildings totaling over 78,000 sq/ft. Building one is a two storey concrete building that houses ALS Laboratories. Building two consists of 14 individual bays ranging in sizes from 1200 sq/ft to 3750 sq/ft. Building 3 consists of 6 individual bays totaling 15,000 sq/ft. Erickorp Science Centre is 100% leased with no immediate space available.

Property Specifications

Building Name: Erickorp Science Centre
Legal Description: Plan 3888HW Block 33 Lot 14
Type of Space: Office / Professional
Built: New
Zoning: IB
Total Building Size: 78,000 Sq Ft
Area Sizes From From, 1200 Sq Ft to 9000 Sq Ft
Site Size: 4.00 Acres +/-
Lighting: Florescent
Parking: 150
Security: Yes
HVAC in all units
Services: Full
Possession: Fully Occupied

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